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Who we are?

Outdoor advertising is gaining in popularity not only in Dubai but across the whole Mena region. Along with traditional mediums like Billboards, Scaffoldings, Unipoles, Wall Banners, etc, modern mediums like 3D advertising, truck and car advertising, glass graphics and others are increasingly making a huge splash.

Based out of Dubai we at Media Activation are uniquely placed to strategize, conceptualize and deliver for our clients in these changing times. We immerse ourselves in our client’s business to understand the customer journey and combine data, insight, excellent domain understanding, cutting edge technology coupled with our creativity and innovative ideas to provide them a unique platform to differentiate them from the competition.

We know where, when and what to communicate so that our clients have a consistent brand voice and derive the maximum benefit. Within a short span of two years, we have teamed up with 185+ clients and have launched 566+ campaigns. We specialize in Out of Home advertising and our scaffoldings at 45+ prime locations spread across Dubai give us the liberty to choose the best possible location.


We are insight-driven, strategic and creative thinkers and know the importance and art of storytelling. We produce content that is emotional, real-life and authentic and captures the essence of the brand in its forward journey.


Dear Valued Patrons,

On behalf of the Media Activation team, I would like to welcome you to our world where ideas meet realities. Media Activation, a company that has become synonymous with bridging the gap between the brands and their consumers is well known across Dubai as a premier outdoor advertising company. Since our inception in 2017, we have helped 185+ clients enhance the visibility of their brands through our well-designed Scaffolding, Unipoles and Wall Banners that are made according to the clients’ needs and specifications and placed at prime locations to differentiate the client from the competition thus maximizing their connection with their audience.

Our meticulous planning, a complete focus on our clients and an ability to work along with them at every stage of the project have ensured that we deliver great results that too within the budget and in a time-bound manner. This has helped us launch 566+ successful campaigns and come up with triumphs even in challenging conditions.

We look forward to building on our success and not only retain our existing partners but collaborate with new ones on the strength of our excellent domain understanding and an ability to bring brands to life.


CEO, Media Activation

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Quality Delivery

We combine ideation, visualization, creativity, and operational flexibility to deliver exceptional quality.


We fully understand that right timing is the essence of successful advertising.

Brand Exposure

Our knowledge about what, when and how to communicate make for unbeatable campaigns.


We collaborate with our clients to deliver long-term value.

We aim to become the numero uno OOH media provider and to have the highest inventory of sites on prime locations to serve the promotional needs of our customers.